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Our deck demolition and removal is ideal for those who don’t want to handle the process themselves!

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Here in Westchester County, it’s nice to relax on the porch after a long day of work or during a leisurely weekend. After all, who doesn’t like soaking in the sunshine? However, sometimes, our decks become a little worse for wear. And when our decks start to fall apart, how are you supposed to remove yours on your own?

Old deck removal is harder than you might think because if you’re not careful, you might wind up getting hurt. Don’t worry, though, because Barry’s Junk Removal provides deck demolition services near you!

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Why Barry’s Junk Removal?

There are a lot of decking removal companies out there, but we’re the best option among them all. Our deck removal experts have been trained to get rid of your unwanted decks without causing any accidents or injuries along the way. Additionally, we are fully insured, so no need to worry about those worst-case scenarios. Everything is under control when you choose Barry’s Junk Removal.

Another great reason to choose us over the competition is the fact that we’re a locally owned business. Support us, and you’ll support your local economy as well. On the other hand, franchises are just going to funnel your money out of the state! Keep your cash in your region—and enjoy better prices, too—with us. You’ll love our affordable deck demolition service cost. We don’t have to pay those pricey franchise fees, and we’ll make sure you don’t have to pay as much as well.

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Our Deck Removal Process

  1. Planning. We can’t just remove your deck right away. We have to make a careful assessment of your deck and plan how we’re going to go about things first.
  2. Quote. Before we get to work, approve our upfront quote. Our prices are based on labor and how much deck debris we’ll need to haul away for you.
  3. Demolition. Finally, we’ll tear down the deck until there’s nothing left over but debris. Then, we’ll clean that up as well, hauling it to our truck in a flash.
  4. Disposal. Of course, we’ll dispose of all the collected debris for you, meaning that once we’ve driven away, you’re free to get back to your day.

Board Removal

The bread and butter of every deck are the boards. This also means that the bread and butter of our deck demolition service are removing those boards, which is fortunately not too difficult of a process for us. That’s because our professionals come equipped with all the tools they need for the job, such as pry bars and hammers. Using our pry bars, we can easily pop boards out of place, even the ones that don’t seem to want to budge. When there’s a pesky nail that seems to be holding everything together, we can just yank it away with a hammer. What this adds up to is your deck disappearing pretty quickly when our minds are set on the job at hand!

Of course, disassembling the deck is only half the battle. Once all the boards are out of place, we’ll need to load them all onto our truck as well. Don’t worry, though. We won’t ask you to join in. We are full-service, and we do all the work for you!

Porch Removal

When talking about decks, most of us think of the backyard. However, in the case of front porches, we’re willing to provide our light demolition experience there, too. Many of the steps are the same. We disassemble wooden structures, pulling boards out of place and bringing things back to square one. What’s more, we will also haul away any items that are on your deck or porch. The biggest example of this is any furniture you might have outdoors, especially rocking chairs! This also includes potted plants, toys, yard decorations, and more. (Be sure to check out all of our junk removal services while you’re here.)

About Us

In today’s world, “big box” businesses like Walmart and Amazon seem to rule the world. Sometimes, it’s hard not to patronize these businesses. They offer good prices, and their convenience is unmatched. However, just because the franchises rule the retail world doesn’t mean they have to rule the junk removal industry. Barry’s Junk Removal proves that small businesses can still be the kings of affordability and customer service even in today’s commercialized world. We want to put a smile on your face that our competition wouldn’t be able to match!

Our founder created this business so that the people of Northern Westchester County wouldn’t be forced to rely on franchises when they need junk removal. So if you’re looking for a change of pace from what the big names offer, give us a call. You’ll soon be greeted by friendly experts at your front door. They’ll give you a taste of what doing business used to be like before the “big box” businesses took over. By the time we’ve removed your deck, you’ll be wondering if you can go back to those times permanently.

Other Structures We Demolish

Hot Tubs
Fire Pits

What Our Customers Have to Say

Based on 21 reviews
Travis was very helpful and prompt. He came and got my boyfiends large lawn ornimant of a boat when I couldn’t get anyone else to help. Five stars, will use again when the rest has to go!
michelle Davis
04:06 04 May 23
Travis and his partner were absolutely amazing! So polite and gracious- even helping my mom move some things back in the garage. Since I was at work, Travis sent me pictures of what was being removed just to make sure they took what was needed and didn’t take something by mistake. I will definitely recommend Travis and his company to anyone! I will definitely call them if I need anything else removed! Thanks guys!
Wende Wilson
01:22 02 Aug 22
Travis was on time, quick and effective. Good communication and easy to work with. If you need something hauled away, I can’t recommend him more.
Ryan O
01:44 14 Jun 22
My husband and I just moved into the area so we had lots of moving boxes and trash. We found Travis online and I’m sure glad we did. I showed him the big pile of trash and said my kids would be willing to help. He put them to work and was so kind. He took the time to explain to the kids what to do and was extremely enthusiastic and encouraging. My kids really enjoyed working alongside him. I would definitely recommend Travis to anyone looking for junk removal.
Stefani Slocum
21:13 08 Jun 22
I was a last-minute addition to his schedule yet he still made the outstanding effort to fit me in and help clear out my garage. His pricing was very fair and his customer service is impeccable! He’s an awesome guy with an even more awesome work ethic!
Don Johnson
17:32 30 May 22
Travis was kind efficient and all around amazing! We had a huge couch that needed removal he has fair prices and made sure our couch was taken away within twenty four hours! If you need someone to be proficient while removing junk speak with him!
Crystal Huddleston
22:09 25 May 22
I recently had Travis take a bed to the dump for me. He was very polite, professional and right on time! Made every thing so easy! Will definitely recommend and use his service again
wendy stockwell
18:37 18 May 22
I moved up to the CDA area about a year and a half ago. I am originally from the southern part of the state, 6th generation Idahoan. I finally was able to move to a larger place recently and needed some help with a few pieces of larger furniture. Travis’ Junk Removal was the first local company to contact me and I am so very happy that he did. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I highly recommend him to anyone in the area needing a little extra help or are moving and don’t want to rent a moving truck.Thank you so much Travis! It’s people like you who make north Idaho one of best places in the nation to be! If I ever need help again, I know who to call! God bless and stay safe!
Hannah Maurer
04:39 01 Mar 22
Travis is reliable, safe and just an overall great guy! I could not have completed my project without his help over the course of several weeks. Thank you Travis!
Jeff Aragon
05:54 14 Oct 21
Prompt and efficient! Thank you
23:24 01 Oct 21
Travis was amazing to work with:incredibly professional, courteous and hard working. My situation was challenging in that I live in Seattle and was hiring him to clean out the home of my elderly parents after their house sold. He did a walk with me via zoom, tagged what was to stay for the new owners and understood that everything else was to be removed. He called me when he found items that might be of value to ensure that they weren’t dumped before he checked with me. Over two days he filled his dump truck 4 times and we did a zoom walkthrough at the end so that I could actually see that the house was now empty.He did an excellent job for me and I would recommend him without reservation. He was a pleasure to work with. He made an easy process out of what could otherwise have been a nightmare for me. Thank you so much to Travis!!!!
Ann Lipkin
22:12 26 Sep 21
Quick and easy removal of unwanted junk in my basement! Very courteous service and a reasonable fee. I will call Travis for future jobs!
George C
01:41 26 Sep 21
Quick response. He showed up as promised even was 15 minutes early, got in and got the job done cleaned up and made sure i was satisfied. Will defiantly use his service when needed him and would highly recommend him.
Suzanne Tasos
18:16 13 Sep 21


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